Sunday, Feb 18th

Natural Science

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Primary school children in Ololoskwan Loliondo, receive a set of the Galileoscope telescope from UNESCO. Science, Technology and Innovation prepares young people to contribute to economic development their nation. © Anthony Maduekwe 2012UNESCO Dar es Salaam contributes to UNESCO’s mission to use science to build peace, to eradicate poverty and to promote sustainable development within the United Republic of Tanzania.

Under the Natural Science Sector, UNESCO Dar advances these aims through two strategic programme objectives:

  • Fostering policies and capacity-building in science, technology and innovation;
  • Leveraging scientific knowledge for the benefit of the environment and the management of natural resources.


Through the Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO will continue to act as lead in the One UN system to support the Government of Tanzania in achieving its priorities in these areas.

UNESCO Dar es Salaam Science sector works with all relevant sectors involved in the national science, technology and innovation system including the following:

  • Science-related Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  • Higher Education and Research & Development Institutions
  • Science-based Non-governmental Organizations including the Academies
  • The Private Sector
  • Women and communities
  • Development Partners who work in the area of science and technology

For more information on UNESCO’s work in these areas, please visit the subsections below.