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World Heritage

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KINAPA staffs explain on the Management of Kilimanjaro Mountain

UNESCO Cluster office in Dar es Salaam office in collaboration with the Antiquities Division in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism organised, from 7th to 11th May 2012, in Moshi Municipality a three days workshop on the implementation of the 1972 world heritage in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The objective of the workshop was to further build capacities among the sites managers and envisage an outline follow up and feedback mechanism to guarantee consistent implementation of the convention   in Tanzania.

The workshop was opened by Donatius Kamamba, Director of the Division of Antiquities.

In his speech, Mr. Kamamba   told the participants that he was   pleased to work with UNESCO especially on   the promotion and management of natural, cultural and mixed  properties.  ( For more, follow this link)

During the workshop,  the participants   visited  Mt. Kilimanjaro  World Heritage Site. They were briefed about the management of the mountain management of site and challenges they encounter on management.

The world heritage properties presented  in the workshop experienced similar challenges  in conservation and management .  An  outline    follow up feedback mechanism to guarantee consistent implementation of the Convention as well as future capacity development of World heritage Sites was developed in close collaboration with the participants.  (For more,   read the activity report  on the following link)