Sunday, Feb 18th

Education for All (EFA) Assessment

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UNESCO is currently supporting the government of Tanzania to undertake a national assessment of the progress made towards the Education for All (EFA) goals since their commitments at the Dakar Forum in 2000. Technical support to the EFA-Assessment team has involved a wide range of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), as well as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), working together to develop a robust, evidence-based assessment, based on a clear analytical framework, qualitative and quantitative indicators, and diverse data sources and data types. Launched in 2011, the EFA national assessment is expected to be completed in September, 2013. Covering both Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, the final EFA assessment report will give the stakeholders in the United Republic of Tanzania an opportunity to critically assess progress made towards the EFA goals, and to enhance a coordinated approach to address remaining gaps.