Sunday, Feb 18th

Ambassador Dr Posi Visits UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office

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Ambassador Dr Posi talking to UNESCO Dar es Salaam staffOn the 13th April 2017, Ambassador Dr Abdallah Posi paid a visit to UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office, where he held a meeting with the UNESCO Head of Office and Country Representative, Ms. Zulmira Rodrigues and later with all staff members.


During his meeting with UNESCO staff, Ambassador Dr Posi, who until recently was the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliament, Labour, Youth, Employment and Disabled) greatly appreciated the projects UNESCO Dar es Salaam has been implementing through its education, science, culture, communication and information and social and human sciences sectors, especially in changing people's perceptions regarding people with albinism.

UNESCO Dar es Salaam as the lead agency in the Joint UN intervention in support of people with albinism in Tanzania, has been employing a social-cultural approach in raising awareness and influencing behavioural change towards people with albinism.

Ambassador Dr Posi, who was accompanied by three other officials from the Prime Minister’s Office stressed the importance of educating people with disabilities, noting that education does not only make the disabled self-sustaining but it also greatly reduces the burden on the government and its partners of caring for such people.