Thursday, Jan 18th

Axel Plathe Visits UNESCO Dar es Salaam Office

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Axel Plathe visits UNESCO Dar es Salaam

On the 13th June 2017, the Director of the UNESCO Division of Field Support and Coordination, Mr. Axel Plathe visited the UNESCO Office in Dar es Salaam, where he met with the UNESCO Country Representative and Head of Office, Ms. Zulmira Rodrigues and held a meeting with all staff members of the Office.

Mr. Plathe was briefed of the different projects and programmes the Office has been undertaking, challenges and achievements. On his part, he updated staff members on the UNESCO field network situation, particularly in Africa. He also praised the Office for the accomplishments, especially in terms of funds mobilization and the unique multi-sectorial approach employed by the Office in project design and implementation.

Apart from visiting the UNESCO Office, Mr. Plathe also visited the UN Resident Coordinator in Tanzania, Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez and also met with several government officials.