Thursday, Jan 18th

Children in Tanga using tablets to boost literacy and numeracy skills

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Children enjoying using a tabletFor twelve months UNESCO Dar es Salaam office in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Tanzania have been working to ensure that children from remote parts of Tanzania have access to quality education,

by taking advantage of technological advancement. Through the XPRIZE project, UNESCO and its implementing partner WFP is delivering 2060 tablets to pre-selected children in Tanga region. During the whole life span of the project, over 2060 children will directly benefit from the education software that will equip them with basic reading, arithmetic and writing skills.


From the 5th to 8thDecember 2017, staff members from UNESCO, WFP and XPRIZE visited about 40 children who were given tablets in several participating hamlets in Pangani and Korogwe Districts and found out that all children were able to use the applications in the tablets without any support or intervention from an adult. In the next fifteen month, children will interact with the software and it is expected that, as a result of the interaction, literacy and numeracy skill will be boosted.